Self Defense America

620 4-H Park Rd.

Queenstown,  MD


Birthday Parties
Our Karate Birthday Parties in Queenstown, MD are an hour and a half long. We start out running some basic exercises that we do in class. We do some relay races, then a few games until the pizza arrives. After pizza, cake, and presents, we usually do a brief martial arts lesson followed by board breaking or another fun activity using what they learned. The cost is $200 and includes up to 15 participants($10/child after that), and Pizza. Parents provide drinks, paper products, and the cake or any other treats. Please contact us for more details or to book a party.

Class Schedule Effective October 1, 2018
Lil Dragons Ages 3 – 6
Tuesdays / Thursdays: 5:00pm – 5:35pm

Beginner Karate
White – Blue/Black Stripe Belts

Tuesdays / Thursdays: 5:40pm – 6:30pm
Wednesdays: 5:10pm – 6:00pm

Advanced Karate
Brown  – Black Belts
Tuesdays / Thursdays: 6:40pm – 7:30pm
Wednesdays: 5:10pm - 6:00pm (ALL LEVELS)

Black Belt Club
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Grappling)

Mondays: 5:10pm – 6:00pm

Weapons (Bo Staff, Sword, Kamas, Nunchakus, & Escrima Sticks)
Wednesdays: 6:05pm – 6:35pm

Membership Rates
Trial Membership:
$49 Includes 2 weeks of classes and uniform
Lil Dragons:
Black Belt Club:
$129/month includes Karate and BBC Classes

**Family Rates Available**

Self Defense America
620 4-H Park Rd. Queenstown, MD  21658


Black Belt Club
The Black Belt Club is for students who are committed to training in the martial arts and earning their Black Belt. Students are eligible for the BBC at Yellow Belt. BBC members attend an extra classes per week with other BBC members, and also receive many extra benefits such as special uniforms and discounts on special events.

Martial Art Programs

Lil’ Dragons (Ages 3 – 6)
These 35 minute classes focus on the development of two very important attributes for young children.  First, increasing their concentration and attention span and second, improving their motor skills (balance, coordination, agility, etc.).  Our program caters to all personality types: shy children will become more assertive and comfortable in public situations; energetic children will become better at controlling "those urges" and responding to instruction.  The activities the children participate in are fun, safe and exciting.  We also maintain a very low student/teacher ratio to ensure your child’s progress.

Karate Classes (Ages 7 & up)
Students will benefit from both the mental and the physical aspects of our youth program. Mentally, they will learn the importance of self-control, respect and self discipline. With increased concentration you will notice an improvement in your child’s ability to focus on schoolwork. Physically, they will develop a variety of self -defense techniques to protect themselves in any situation, boosting their self confidence. Classes meet for 50 minutes and are conducted in a safe, fun filled, positive environment.