Mission Statement

  • Teach conflict resolution through the use of both physical and nonviolent methods.
  • Encourage students to develop positive character traits and values that will benefit them in all other areas of their life. These values include positive self-esteem, honesty, self-confidence, self-discipline, concentration, and respect.
  • To develop students who strive to achieve above average scholastic and physical achievement


Self Defense America

620 4-H Park Rd.

Queenstown,  MD


Welcome to Self Defense America, a Personal Development Center

Around the World more and more psychologists, doctors, counselors and teachers recommend martial arts training to children and adults who want to achieve and maintain optimum physical and mental health.  There are many reasons why people study martial arts; self-defense, self-discipline, and exercise are just a few.  Martial arts provide these things and much more.  As you progress, you will develop skills and self-confidence that will carry into many areas of your life. 

The instruction team at Self Defense America under the supervision of Master Instructor Patrick McMullen has over 25 years of dedication to work and bring out the best in your child.  Skilled in positive reinforcement, Self Defense America quickly achieve results with children of all ages. Our school has made a strong commitment to the development of today's youth. It is never too soon to start developing good habits.

Self Defense America
620 4-H Park Rd. Queenstown, MD  21658